The following is a recommendation of books that contributors can suggest.

Robert Fried - "The Game of School"
Frank Smith - "The Book of Learning and Forgetting"
Deborah Meier - "In Schools We Trust"
Seymour Sarason - "And What Do You Mean By Learning"
Kathleen Cushman and Laura Rogers - "Fires in the Middle School Bathroom"
Connors - If you don't feed the teachers they eat the students
Whitaker - Motivating and Inspiring Teachers or any Whitaker books for that matter
Robert Marzano -"Classroom Instruction That Works"
Kerry Patterson - "Influencer"

*If you start a book study with your teachers, READ THE BOOK YOURSELF!!! We may all be guilty of "skimming" books for our supt. book studies. But if you initiate a book study you can bet you will need to read the book:)